palazzo mancini gucci rome

Gucci — Palazzo Mancini

Rome, Italy

group brandEXA

company valueLoyalty

Delivery on time and in budget, as well as dialogue between multiple figures were the biggest challenges to restoring luster and elegance to this 1600s building in the heart of Rome that was the HQ of the French Academy, and is now the creative HQ of Gucci.

The mission included restoration, structural, civil and services works, furnishings and fine finishes and a very complex management of this vast construction site.

Cohesion and Teamwork was how EXA brought this important project to successful completion early 2022.

locationVia del Corso, 270, Rome, Italy



gross area [sqm]11.000

EXA’s Added Value

Our signature management style took center stage in managing the risks and complexity of the project.
Design Management capacity: numerous design changes and many new items were introduced whilst building. 

Site experienced ALL the changes that have conditioned our sector due to the Covid 19 emergency :

  • New working methods imposed by government regulations : distances, work bubbles, shifts 
  • Management of the common spaces of the workers 
  • Material availability crisis
  • Price increases of the materials and labour
  • Lack of personnel

Big Demo

  • Complex reinforced concrete structures of a vault of the previous bank
  • Reinforcement of 800sqm of attic on the entire roof covering of 4th floor of
  • A glass skylight in the courtyard of the building.

Roman Ruins

During excavation work for the construction of underground pumps, new elevator landing and the ground shafts in the basement, there were archaeological finds from the Middle Ages that forced us to excavate BY HAND, under the eyes of the Roman Historical Protection officers, which slowed down our programme for approx. 2 months

Structural Reconstruction and Restoration

  • An historically protected wooden roof with iron and wood trusses
  •  The skylight with iron trusses, new metal stairs and structural rimming 

Our restorers were present on site for an entire year and their mission was to restore:

  • All of the internal and external facades
  • Wooden coffered and frescoed ceilings
  • Iron works
260suppliers and subcontractors
200workers on site in peak periods
7EXA Site Managers and PMs present
51.500m3 fo volume to heat
5water wells reaching 70m deep
70Weekly Reports
1.000activities listed in the Construction Programme